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Incentive travel is a specialized tool designed to help companies stay relevant with their clientele. Incentive travel is an experience that motivates and enhances productivity while achieving critical business objectives. The essence of an Incentive Travel Programs is about developing, and renewing and augmenting the LISTENING SKILL SETS of all of the organization’s stakeholders.


When Employees participate in Incentive Travel, their company is making an effort to motivate them to increase and improve their performance. Typically, participants qualify for an incentive travel award based on achieving the level of performance set forth by management. Employees are rewarded with a trip and the program is designed to recognize top performers for their achievements. The organization’s culture is built on positive, well deciminated management tools and they are responsible for the financial success of the company. The ITP is key to the attainment of financial goals and objectives.


Organizations that develop cultures based on employee recognition and rewards programs are better positioned to survive, and even thrive, because their employees remain motivated and engaged. Motivating employees is always one of management’s greatest concerns. The most direct benefit the Incentive Travel Program has on an organization is the positive influence on corporate culture.

  • Improves Retention of Top Producers

    The Incentive Travel Program may not be a primary reason an employee stays with the company, but it may influence their decision due to the way the incentive makes them feel.

  • Provides Networking Opportunities

    The importance of networking opportunities the Incentive Travel Program creates is invaluable. This event enables top performers to network with other top performers and the executive management team. This event provides the opportunity for management to gain insight into how top performers actually reach set goals and create a synergy to reach beyond the event to maximize performance for the rest of the organization.

  • Builds Motivation

    The Incentive Travel Program is a motivational tool management used to drive performance, while employees use the program to motivate themselves to be successful.

  • Provided Employee Recognition

    This event provides a way to recognize and reward top performers. The impact this recognition has on employees is something valuable and long lasting. Organizations who consider the expense of the program as an investment in their employees and a means to maximize business outcomes, are using this management tool to its full potential.

  • Drives Desired Behaviors Translating into Financial benefits

    The selective criteria provide management a way to set the goals for employees in a way that will benefit the success of the division within the organization. Individuals set goals for themselves but when management provides a framework that exhibits what will be rewarded, it causes individual employees to produce results that match the common results of the organization. Financial metrics are increased and the organizational culture is reinforced.


The earning criteria play a vital role in the overall success of the program. Earning criteria are specific rules set forth by management that the participants must achieve in order to earn the incentive travel trip. By doing so they know what is expected of them and at what performance levels a reward will be earned. This allows no room for ambiguity between employees and management.

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