Terms and Conditions

Belle Epoc Travel Agency and Goldrush Getaways act only as agents for the client in all matters pertaining to travel. They assume no responsibility nor liability in connection with the service of any train, vessel, aircraft, motor or other conveyances which may be used in the performance of its duty to the passenger; neither will it be responsible for any act, error or omission, or any loss, injury, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned by reasoned of any defect in any vehicle or through the neglect or default of any company or person engaged in conveyance the passenger; or any hotel proprietor, or hotel service, or for any person engaged in carrying out the purpose for which tickets or coupons are issued. In the event that it becomes necessary or advisable for the comfort or well being of passengers, or for any reason whatsoever, to alter the itinerary or arrangements, such alterations may be made without penalty to the operators.